Music By Ciaran Jai Cosway



With 5 years of music experience, I have worked remotely, and in person, with many sizes of development teams. Ranging from one person studios, to large institutions.
My approach towards composition involves using my expanding interest of diverse cultures, styles, and technology, widening the skills and sound sets available to me, and the projects that I compose for. This (and some creative flair!) will broaden the possibilities that can reflect the core aesthetic of the moment.

The sense of wonder I continue to feel from games and visual media fuels my fascination of engaging narratives and visual aesthetics, which allowed me to focus my music studies at university. Particularly on how the added dimension of music and audio can enhance and alter the perception of these characteristics; recently graduating with a First Class Honours, I left university aiming to freelance in this field.

I like to work closely to the developing team and help to concept out the direction of the music. For me, contact and communication is key to creating your ideal soundtrack. A personalised influence through discussions, and exchanges of colour palettes, write ups, and concept art is important to creating something unique and suited to your vision.

Front page art by Nai








I am able to work on projects which may only need a single track. A few examples might be a track for marketing and promotional material, a main theme, or a short film/video.



For larger projects, I will compose multiple tracks depending on your needs. I work with the team to map the direction of the soundtrack, such as style, motifs, and interactive elements, if required.


if not…

If you require something that isn’t listed, have any enquiries about getting a commission, or just want to send a message, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!